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We are an independent family run stairlift company based in Gedling, Nottingham. 

We supply and install new and reconditioned stairlifts in Lincoln and around the Lincolnshire area. We also offer long term and short term stairlift hire across Lincolnshire in areas such as: Bourne, Boston, Gainsborough, Horncastle, Lincoln, Market Rasen, Scunthorpe, Spalding, Stamford, Woodhall Spa and many more.

By clicking on the enquiry button below, we can provide you with a fast, free quotation in no time at all.

we want to help you stay in the home you love

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Trent stairlifts cover all of the following locations below in Lincoln and Lincolnshire for installations, annual servicing, repairs, removals and stairlift hire. 

LN1,   LN2,   LN3,   LN4,   LN5,   LN6,   LN7,  LN8,   LN9,   LN10,


PE9,   PE10,   PE11,   PE12,   PE20,   PE21,   PE22,   DN15,   DN16,   

DN17,   DN20,   DN21,   

LN1 Aisthorpe, Lincoln 

LN1 Brampton, Lincoln 

LN1 Bransby, Lincoln 

LN1 Brattleby, Lincoln 

LN1 Broadholme, Lincoln 

LN1 Broxholme, Lincoln 

LN1 Burton, Lincoln

LN1 Burton Waters, Lincoln 

LN1 Cammeringham, Lincoln 

LN1 Coates by Stow, Lincoln 

LN1 Drinsey Nook, Lincoln 

LN1 Fenton, Lincoln 

LN1 Hardwick, Lincoln 

LN1 High Ingleby, Lincoln 

LN1 Ingham, Lincoln 

LN1 Ingleby, Lincoln 

LN1 Kettlethorpe, Lincoln 

LN1 Laughterton, Lincoln 

LN1 Lincoln, Lincoln 

LN1 Newton-on-Trent, Lincoln

LN1 North Carlton, Lincoln 

LN1 Saxilby, Lincoln 

LN1 Scampton, Lincoln 

LN1 South Carlton, Lincoln 

LN1 Stow, Lincoln 

LN1 Stow Park, Lincoln

LN1 Sturton by Stow, Lincoln 

LN1 Thorpe in the Fallows, Lincoln 

LN1 Torksey, Lincoln 

LN1 Torksey Lock, Lincoln

LN2 Cold Hanworth, Lincoln 

LN2 Dunholme, Lincoln 

LN2 Grange-de-Lings, Lincoln 

LN2 Hackthorn, Lincoln 

LN2 Hackthorn Cliff, Lincoln 

LN2 Lincoln, Lincoln 

LN2 Nettleham, Lincoln 

LN2 North Greetwell, Lincoln 

LN2 Riseholme, Lincoln 

LN2 Scothern, Lincoln 

LN2 Sudbrooke, Lincoln 

LN2 Welton, Lincoln

LN2 Welton Cliff, Lincoln 

LN2 Welton Hill, Lincoln

LN3 Bardney, Lincoln

LN3 Barlings, Lincoln 

LN3 Buslingthorpe, Lincoln 

LN3 Cherry Willingham, Lincoln 

LN3 Fiskerton, Lincoln 

LN3 Friesthorpe, Lincoln 

LN3 Greetwell, Lincoln 

LN3 Langworth, Lincoln 

LN3 Lincoln, Lincoln 

LN3 Lissington, Lincoln

LN3 Newball, Lincoln 

LN3 Reasby, Lincoln 

LN3 Reepham, Lincoln

LN3 Snelland, Lincoln 

LN3 Southrey, Lincoln 

LN3 Stainton by Langworth, Lincoln

LN3 Swinthorpe, Lincoln

LN3 Tupholme, Lincoln 

LN3 Wickenby, Lincoln

LN4 Ashby de la Launde, Lincoln

LN4 Billinghay, Lincoln 

LN4 Blankney, Lincoln 

LN4 Bloxholm, Lincoln

LN4 Bracebridge Heath, Lincoln

LN4 Branston, Lincoln 

LN4 Branston Booths, Lincoln

LN4 Canwick, Lincoln

LN4 Chapel Hill, Lincoln 

LN4 Coningsby, Lincoln 

LN4 Digby, Lincoln

LN4 Dogdyke, Lincoln 

LN4 Dorrington, Lincoln 

LN4 Dunston, Lincoln 

LN4 Heighington, Lincoln 

LN4 Holland Fen, Lincoln

LN4 Kirkby Green, Lincoln 

LN4 Kirton Fen, Lincoln

LN4 Lincoln, Lincoln 

LN4 Martin, Lincoln 

LN4 Metheringham, Lincoln 

LN4 Metheringham Fen, Lincoln

LN4 New York, Lincoln

LN4 Nocton, Lincoln 

LN4 Nocton Fen, Lincoln 

LN4 Nocton Heath, Lincoln 

LN4 North Kyme, Lincoln 

LN4 Pelhams Lands, Lincoln 

LN4 Potterhanworth, Lincoln 

LN4 Raf Coningsby, Lincoln 

LN4 Rowston, Lincoln 

LN4 Scopwick, Lincoln

LN4 Scrub Hill, Lincoln 

LN4 South Kyme, Lincoln 

LN4 Tattershall, Lincoln 

LN4 Tattershall Bridge, Lincoln 

LN4 Tattershall Thorpe, Lincoln 

LN4 Thornton-le-Fen, Lincoln 

LN4 Thorpe Tilney, Lincoln 

LN4 Thorpe Tilney Dales, Lincoln

LN4 Thorpe Tilney Fen, Lincoln 

LN4 Timberland, Lincoln 

LN4 Timberland Fen, Lincoln 

LN4 Walcot Fen, Lincoln 

LN4 Walcott, Lincoln 

LN4 Washingborough, Lincoln 

LN5 Aubourn, Lincoln 

LN5 Bassingham, Lincoln 

LN5 Beckingham, Lincoln 

LN5 Boothby Graffoe, Lincoln 

LN5 Bracebridge, Lincoln

LN5 Brant Broughton, Lincoln

LN5 Brauncewell, Lincoln

LN5 Carlton-le-Moorland, Lincoln 

LN5 Coleby, Lincoln 

LN5 Haddington, Lincoln 

LN5 Harmston, Lincoln 

LN5 Leadenham, Lincoln 

LN5 Lincoln, Lincoln 

LN5 Navenby, Lincoln

LN5 R A F Waddington, Lincoln 

LN5 Scampton, Lincoln 

LN5 Skinnand, Lincoln

LN5 Stragglethorpe, Lincoln 

LN5 Sutton-Cum-Beckingham, Lincoln

LN5 Temple Bruer, Lincoln 

LN5 Thurlby, Lincoln 

LN5 Waddington, Lincoln 

LN5 Welbourn, Lincoln

LN5 Wellingore, Lincoln 

LN6 Doddington, Lincoln 

LN6 Eagle, Lincoln 

LN6 Eagle Barnsdale, Lincoln 

LN6 Eagle Moor, Lincoln 

LN6 Jerusalem, Lincoln 

LN6 Lincoln, Lincoln 

LN6 Morton, Lincoln 

LN6 Morton Hall, Lincoln 

LN6 North Hykeham, Lincoln 

LN6 North Scarle, Lincoln 

LN6 Norton Disney, Lincoln

LN6 Skellingthorpe, Lincoln 

LN6 South Hykeham, Lincoln 

LN6 Stapleford, Lincoln 

LN6 Swanpool, Lincoln

LN6 Swinderby, Lincoln

LN6 Thorpe-on-the-Hill, Lincoln 

LN6 Whisby, Lincoln 

LN6 Whisby Moor, Lincoln 

LN6 Witham St Hughs, Lincoln 

LN7 Caistor, Market Rasen 

LN7 Holton-le-Moor, Market Rasen 

LN7 Howsham, Market Rasen 

LN7 Moortown, Market Rasen 

LN7 Nettleton Top, Market Rasen 

LN7 Normanby-le-Wold, Market Rasen

LN7 North Gulham, Market Rasen 

LN7 North Kelsey, Market Rasen 

LN7 North Kelsey Moor, Market Rasen 

LN7 South Kelsey, Market Rasen 

LN7 Swallow, Market Rasen 

LN7 Thornton-le-Moor, Market Rasen 

LN8 Apley, Market Rasen 

LN8 Atterby, Market Rasen 

LN8 Bardney Dairies, Market Rasen 

LN8 Benniworth, Market Rasen 

LN8 Bishop Norton, Market Rasen 

LN8 Bishopbridge, Market Rasen 

LN8 Bleasby, Market Rasen 

LN8 Bleasby Moor, Market Rasen 

LN8 Bullington, Market Rasen 

LN8 Caenby, Market Rasen 

LN8 Caenby Cliff, Market Rasen 

LN8 Caenby Corner, Market Rasen 

LN8 Claxby, Market Rasen 

LN8 Claxby Moor, Market Rasen

LN8 East Barkwith, Market Rasen 

LN8 East Firsby, Market Rasen

LN8 East Torrington, Market Rasen

LN8 Faldingworth, Market Rasen 

LN8 Fulnetby, Market Rasen 

LN8 Gautby, Market Rasen 

LN8 Glentham, Market Rasen

LN8 Goltho, Market Rasen 

LN8 Hainton, Market Rasen 

LN8 Hatton, Market Rasen

LN8 Holton-Cum-Beckering, Market Rasen 

LN8 Kingerby, Market Rasen 

LN8 Kingthorpe, Market Rasen 

LN8 Kirkby-Cum-Osgodby, Market Rasen

LN8 Langton Hill, Market Rasen 

LN8 Langton-by-Wragby, Market Rasen 

LN8 Legsby, Market Rasen

LN8 Linwood, Market Rasen

LN8 Low Apley, Market Rasen 

LN8 Ludford, Market Rasen 

LN8 Market Rasen, Market Rasen 

LN8 Market Stainton, Market Rasen 

LN8 Middle Rasen, Market Rasen 

LN8 New Apley, Market Rasen 

LN8 Newtoft, Market Rasen

LN8 Newton by Toft, Market Rasen

LN8 Normanby Cliff, Market Rasen 

LN8 Normanby-by-Spital, Market Rasen 

LN8 North Owersby, Market Rasen 

LN8 North Willingham, Market Rasen 

LN8 Osgodby, Market Rasen

LN8 Owersby Moo, Market Rasen 

LN8 Owmby-by-Spital, Market Rasen 

LN8 Panton, Market Rasen 

LN8 Ranby, Market Rasen 

LN8 Rand, Market Rasen 

LN8 Saxby, Market Rasen 

LN8 Sixhills, Market Rasen

LN8 Snarford, Market Rasen 

LN8 Sotby, Market Rasen 

LN8 South Gulham, Market Rasen 

LN8 South Owersby, Market Rasen 

LN8 South Willingham, Market Rasen

LN8 Spital-in-the-Street, Market Rasen 

LN8 Spridlington, Market Rasen 

LN8 Stainfield, Market Rasen 

LN8 Tealby, Market Rasen 

LN8 Toft Next Newton, Market Rasen 

LN8 Usselby, Market Rasen 

LN8 Walesby Moor, Market Rasen 

LN8 West Barkwith, Market Rasen

LN8 West Firsby, Market Rasen 

LN8 West Rasen, Market Rasen 

LN8 West Torrington, Market Rasen 

LN8 Wragby, Market Rasen 

LN9 Baumber, Horncastle 

LN9 Dalderby, Horncastle 

LN9 Edlington, Horncastle 

LN9 Fulletby, Horncastle

LN9 Gautby, Horncastle

LN9 Great Sturton, Horncastle 

LN9 Haltham, Horncastle 

LN9 Hemingby, Horncastle

LN9 High Hameringham, Horncastle 

LN9 High Toynton, Horncastle 

LN9 Langton, Horncastle 

LN9 Low Toynton, Horncastle 

LN9 Mareham on the Hill, Horncastle 

LN9 Martin, Horncastle

LN9 Minting, Horncastle

LN9 Old Woodhall, Horncastle

LN9 Poolham, Horncastle

LN9 Scrivelsby, Horncastle

LN9 Thimbleby, Horncastle 

LN9 Thornton, Horncastle 

LN9 West Ashby, Horncastle

LN9 Wispington, Horncastle 

LN10 Blankney Dales, Woodhall Spa 

LN10 Blankney Fen, Woodhall Spa 

LN10 Bucknall, Woodhall Spa

LN10 Edlington Moor, Woodhall Spa 

LN10 Horsington, Woodhall Spa 

LN10 Kirkby-on-Bain, Woodhall Spa 

LN10 Kirkstead, Woodhall Spa 

LN10 Martin Dales, Woodhall Spa 

LN10 Reeds Beck, Woodhall Spa 

LN10 Roughton, Woodhall Spa 

LN10 Roughton Moor, Woodhall Spa 

LN10 Stixwould, Woodhall Spa 

LN10 Timberland Dales, Woodhall Spa

LN10 Waddingworth, Woodhall Spa 

LN10 Woodhall Spa, Woodhall Spa

PE9 Holywell, Stamford 

PE9 Tolethorpe, Stamford

PE9 Bainton, Stamford

PE9 Barnack, Stamford 

PE9 Collyweston, Stamford 

PE9 Duddington, Stamford

PE9 Ketton, Stamford

PE9 Southorpe, Stamford 

PE9 Tinwell, Stamford 

PE9 Tixover, Stamford

PE9 Uffington, Stamford 

PE9 Ufford, Stamford

PE9 Wothorpe, Stamford 

PE9 Belmesthorpe, Stamford 

PE9 Little Casterton, Stamford

PE9 Stamford, Stamford 

PE9 St Martins, Stamford 

PE9 Easton on the Hill, Stamford 

PE9 Newstead, Stamford 

PE9 Aunby, Stamford 

PE9 Barholm, Stamford 

PE9 Braceborough, Stamford 

PE9 Careby, Stamford 

PE9 Carlby, Stamford

PE9 Essendine, Stamford 

PE9 Great Casterton, Stamford 

PE9 Greatford, Stamford 

PE9 Pickworth, Stamford 

PE9 Ryhall, Stamford 

PE9 Tallington, Stamford 

PE9 Tickencote, Stamford

PE9 Wilsthorpe, Stamford 

PE9 Casewick, Stamford 

PE9 Pilsgate, Stamford 

PE9 Ashton, Stamford 

PE10 Bourne, Bourne

PE10 Bulby, Bourne 

PE10 Cawthorpe, Bourne 

PE10 Dowsby, Bourne 

PE10 Dunsby, Bourne 

PE10 Dyke, Bourne

PE10 Edenham, Bourne

PE10 Elsthorpe, Bourne 

PE10 Grimsthorpe, Bourne 

PE10 Guthram, Bourne 

PE10 Haconby, Bourne

PE10 Hanthorpe, Bourne 

PE10 Hawthorpe, Bourne

PE10 Keisby, Bourne 

PE10 Kirkby Underwood, Bourne 

PE10 Lound, Bourne 

PE10 Manthorpe, Bourne 

PE10 Morton, Bourne 

PE10 Rippingale, Bourne

PE10 Stainfield, Bourne 

PE10 Thurlby, Bourne 

PE10 Toft, Bourne 

PE10 Twenty, Bourne 

PE10 Witham-on-the-Hill, Bourne

PE11 Tongue End, Spalding 

PE11 Gosberton Clough, Spalding 

PE11 Donington, Spalding 

PE11 Quadring, Spalding

PE11 Quadring Fen, Spalding

PE11 Gosberton Risegate, Spalding

PE11 Hop Pole, Spalding

PE11 Gosberton Westhorpe, Spalding

PE11 Cuckoo Bridge Cross Roads, Spalding 

PE11 Deeping St Nicholas, Spalding 

PE11 Gosberton, Spalding 

PE11 Spalding, Spalding

PE11 Surfleet, Spalding 

PE11 West Pinchbeck, Spalding 

PE11 Quadring Eaudyke, Spalding 

PE11 Pinchbeck, Spalding 

PE11 Pode Hole, Spalding 

PE12 Little Sutton, Spalding

PE12 Wykeham, Spalding 

PE12 Low Fulney, Spalding 

PE12 Wragg Marsh, Spalding 

PE12 Claylake, Spalding 

PE12 Spalding Marsh, Spalding 

PE12 Weston Hills, Spalding 

PE12 Cowbit, Spalding 

PE12 Holbeach, Spalding 

PE12 Moulton, Spalding 

PE12 Weston, Spalding 

PE12 Whaplode, Spalding 

PE12 Moulton Chapel, Spalding 

PE12 Fosdyke Bridge, Spalding

PE12 Moulton Seas End, Spalding 

PE12 Moulton Marsh, Spalding 

PE12 Moulton Eaugate, Spalding

PE20 Algarkirk, Boston 

PE20 Amber Hill, Boston 

PE20 Bicker, Boston

PE20 Brothertoft, Boston 

PE20 East Heckington, Boston 

PE20 Fosdyke, Boston 

PE20 Frampton, Boston 

PE20 Frampton Fen    , Boston 

PE20 Frampton West, Boston 

PE20 Hubberts Bridge, Boston 

PE20 Kirton, Boston 

PE20 Kirton End, Boston

PE20 Kirton Fen, Boston

PE20 Kirton Holme, Boston

PE20 Sutterton, Boston 

PE20 Swineshead, Boston 

PE20 Wigtoft, Boston 

PE20 Wyberton, Boston

PE21 Boston, Boston 

PE21 Boston West, Boston 

PE21 Wyberton Fen, Boston 

PE22 Antons Gowt, Boston 

PE22 Carrington, Boston 

PE22 Coningsby Moorside, Boston 

PE22 Cowbridge, Boston 

PE22 Frith Bank, Boston 

PE22 Frithville, Boston

PE22 Gipsey Bridge, Boston 

PE22 Langrick, Boston 

PE22 Mareham-le-Fen, Boston

PE22 Moorby, Boston

PE22 New Bolingbroke, Boston 

PE22 Revesby, Boston 

PE22 Sibsey, Boston 

PE22 Tumby, Boston

PE22 Tumby Moorside, Boston

PE22 Tumby Woodside, Boston 

PE22 Wilksby, Boston 

PE22 Wood Enderby, Boston

DN15 Coleby, Scunthorpe 

DN15 Dragonby, Scunthorpe 

DN15 Flixborough Industrial Estate, Scunthorpe 

DN15 Foxhills Industrial Estate, Scunthorpe

DN15 Gunness, Scunthorpe

DN15 Neap House, Scunthorpe 

DN15 Normanby, Scunthorpe 

DN15 Thealby, Scunthorpe 

DN16 Bottesford, Scunthorpe 

DN16 Holme, Scunthorpe

DN16 Queensway Industrial Estate, Scunthorpe 

DN16 Raventhorpe, Scunthorpe 

DN16 Scunthorpe, Scunthorpe

DN16 Twigmoor, Scunthorpe 

DN17 Althorpe, Scunthorpe 

DN17 Amcotts, Scunthorpe 

DN17 Bottesford Moor, Scunthorpe 

DN17 Bottesford, Scunthorpe 

DN17 Burringham, Scunthorpe 

DN17 Crowle, Scunthorpe

DN17 Derrythorpe, Scunthorpe 

DN17 Ealand, Scunthorpe 

DN17 East Butterwick, Scunthorpe 

DN17 Eastoft, Scunthorpe

DN17 Garthorpe, Scunthorpe 

DN17 Gunness, Scunthorpe

DN17 Keadby, Scunthorpe 

DN17 Luddington, Scunthorpe 

DN17 Messingham, Scunthorpe 

DN17 North Ewster, Scunthorpe

DN17 Scunthorpe, Scunthorpe 

DN17 Susworth, Scunthorpe 

DN17 West Butterwick, Scunthorpe 

DN17 Yaddlethorpe, Scunthorpe 

DN20 Sturton, Brigg

DN20 Hibaldstow, Brigg 

DN20 Scawby, Brigg 

DN20 Cadney, Brigg 

DN20 Scawby Brook, Brigg

DN20 Broughton Vale, Brigg 

DN20 Castlethorpe, Brigg 

DN20 Wressle, Brigg

DN21 Blyborough Grange, Gainsborough

DN21 Blyborough, Gainsborough 

DN21 Blyton Carr, Gainsborough 

DN21 Blyton, Gainsborough 

DN21 Bonsdale, Gainsborough 

DN21 Cleatham, Gainsborough 

DN21 Corringham, Gainsborough 

DN21 East Ferry, Gainsborough 

DN21 East Stockwith, Gainsborough 

DN21 Fillingham, Gainsborough 

DN21 Gainsborough, Gainsborough 

DN21 Gate Burton, Gainsborough 

DN21 Glentworth, Gainsborough 

DN21 Grayingham, Gainsborough

DN21 Greetwell, Gainsborough 

DN21 Harpswell, Gainsborough 

DN21 Heapham Road Industrial Estate, Gainsborough 

DN21 Heapham, Gainsborough 

DN21 Hemswell Cliff, Gainsborough 

DN21 Hemswell, Gainsborough 

DN21 Huckerby, Gainsborough

DN21 Kexby, Gainsborough 

DN21 Kirton Lindsey, Gainsborough 

DN21 Knaith Park, Gainsborough 

DN21 Knaith, Gainsborough 

DN21 Laughton, Gainsborough 

DN21 Lea, Gainsborough 

DN21 Little Redbourne, Gainsborough

DN21 Manton, Gainsborough 

DN21 Marton, Gainsborough 

DN21 Morton Carr, Gainsborough 

DN21 Morton, Gainsborough 

DN21 Normanby, Gainsborough 

DN21 Northorpe, Gainsborough 

DN21 Pilham, Gainsborough 

DN21 Redbourne, Gainsborough 

DN21 Scotter Common, Gainsborough 

DN21 Scotter, Gainsborough

DN21 Scotterthorpe, Gainsborough 

DN21 Scotton Common, Gainsborough

DN21 Scotton, Gainsborough 

DN21 Snitterby Carr, Gainsborough 

DN21 Snitterby Sandhayes, Gainsborough 

DN21 Snitterby, Gainsborough

DN21 Somerby, Gainsborough 

DN21 Springthorpe, Gainsborough 

DN21 Thonock, Gainsborough

DN21 Upton, Gainsborough 

DN21 Waddingham Sandhayes, Gainsborough

DN21 Waddingham, Gainsborough 

DN21 Walkerith, Gainsborough

DN21 Wharton, Gainsborough 

DN21 Wildsworth, Gainsborough 

DN21 Willingham by Stow, Gainsborough 

DN21 Willoughton, Gainsborough 

DN21 Yawthorpe, Gainsborough 

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