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We are an independent family run stairlift company based in Gedling, Nottingham. 

We supply and install new and reconditioned stairlifts in and around the South Yorkshire area. We also offer long term and short term stairlift hire across the South Yorkshire area such as: Barnsley, Doncaster, Mexborough, Rotherham, Sheffield and many more.

By clicking on the enquiry button below, we can provide you with a fast, free quotation in no time at all.

we want to help you stay in the home you love

areas we cover throughout

South Yorkshire

Trent stairlifts cover all of the following locations below in South Yorkshire for installations, annual servicing, repairs, removals and stairlift hire. 

S1,   S2,   S3,   S4,   S5,   S6,   S7,   S8,   S9,   S10,   S11,   S12,

  S13,   S14,   S15,   S17,   S19,   S20,   S21,   S22,   S23,


  S24,   S25,   S26,   S27,   S28,   S29,   S30,    S31,   S32,   S33,


  S34,   S35,   S36,   S60,   S61,   S62,   S63,   S64,   S65,   S66,


  S70,   S71,   S72,   S73,   S74,   S75,   DN1,   DN2,   DN3,   DN4

DN5,   DN6,   DN7,   DN8,   DN9,   DN10,   DN11,   DN12

S1 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S2 Heeley, Sheffield 

S2 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S3 Sheffield, Sheffield

S4 Grimesthorpe, Sheffield 

S4 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S5 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S6 Bradfield Dale, Sheffield 

S6 Bradfield, Sheffield

S6 Dungworth, Sheffield 

S6 Holdworth, Sheffield

S6 Hollow Meadows, Sheffield 

S6 Low Bradfield, Sheffield 

S6 Low Holdworth, Sheffield 

S6 Loxley, Sheffield 

S6 Rivelin, Sheffield 

S6 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S6 Stannington, Sheffield

S6 Walkley, Sheffield 

S7 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S8 Greenhill, Sheffield 

S8 Norton, Sheffield 

S8 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S9 Darnall, Sheffield

S9 Sheffield, Sheffield

S9 Tinsley Industrial Estate, Sheffield 

S9 Tinsley, Sheffield

S9 Wincobank, Sheffield 

S10 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S11 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S12 Hackenthorpe, Sheffield

S12 Ridgeway, Sheffield 

S12 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S13 Handsworth, Sheffield 

S13 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S13 Woodhouse Mill, Sheffield

S13 Woodhouse, Sheffield 

S14 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S15 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S17 Bradway, Sheffield 

S17 Dore, Sheffield 

S17 Sheffield, Sheffield

S17 Totley Rise, Sheffield 

S17 Totley, Sheffield 

S19 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S20 Beighton, Sheffield 

S20 Crystal Peaks, Sheffield 

S20 Halfway, Sheffield 

S20 Holbrook Industrial Estate, Sheffield

S20 Holbrook, Sheffield 

S20 Mosborough, Sheffield 

S20 Owlthorpe, Sheffield 

S20 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S20 Sothall, Sheffield 

S20 Waterthorpe, Sheffield 

S20 Westfield, Sheffield 

S21 Eckington, Sheffield

S21 Killamarsh, Sheffield

S21 Marsh Lane, Sheffield

S21 Middle Handley, Sheffield

S21 Nether Handley, Sheffield

S21 Norwood Industrial Estate, Sheffield

S21 Renishaw, Sheffield 

S21 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S21 Spinkhill, Sheffield 

S21 Troway, Sheffield 

S21 West Handley, Sheffield

S22 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S23 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S24 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S25 Anston, Sheffield 

S25 Brookhouse, Sheffield

S25 Brooklands Park Industrial Estate, Sheffield 

S25 Dinnington, Sheffield 

S25 Laughton Common, Sheffield

S25 Laughton, Sheffield 

S25 North Anston Trading Estate, Sheffield

S25 North Anston, Sheffield 

S25 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S25 Slade Hooton, Sheffield 

S25 South Anston, Sheffield

S26 Aston, Sheffield 

S26 Aughton, Sheffield 

S26 Harthill, Sheffield

S26 Kiveton Park Station, Sheffield 

S26 Kiveton Park, Sheffield

S26 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S26 Swallownest, Sheffield 

S26 Todwick, Sheffield 

S26 Ulley, Sheffield 

S26 Wales Bar, Sheffield 

S26 Wales, Sheffield 

S26 Woodall, Sheffield 

S27 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S28 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S29 Sheffield, Sheffield  

S30 Bamford, Bamford 

S31 Dinnington, Dinnington 

S34 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S35 Brightholmlee, Sheffield

S35 Bromley, Sheffield 

S35 Burncross, Sheffield 

S35 Chapeltown, Sheffield 

S35 Crane Moor, Sheffield 

S35 Ecclesfield, Sheffield

S35 Green Moor, Sheffield 

S35 Grenoside, Sheffield 

S35 High Green, Sheffield 

S35 Howbrook, Sheffield 

S35 Oughtibridge, Sheffield 

S35 Rainstorth, Sheffield 

S35 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S35 Thurgoland, Sheffield 

S35 Wharncliffe Side, Sheffield 

S35 Worrall, Sheffield

S35 Wortley, Sheffield 

S36 Bolsterstone, Sheffield 

S36 Carlecotes, Sheffield 

S36 Crow Edge, Sheffield 

S36 Cubley, Sheffield 

S36 Deepcar, Sheffield 

S36 Hazlehead, Sheffield

S36 Hoylandswaine, Sheffield 

S36 Ingbirchworth, Sheffield

S36 Midhopestones, Sheffield

S36 Millhouse Green, Sheffield 

S36 Oxspring, Sheffield

S36 Penistone, Sheffield 

S36 Roughbirchworth, Sheffield

S36 Sheffield, Sheffield 

S36 Snowden Hill, Sheffield

S36 Springvale, Sheffield 

S36 Stocksbridge, Sheffield 

S36 Thurlstone, Sheffield

S36 Upper Midhope, Sheffield 

S60 Brinsworth, Rotherham 

S60 Catcliffe, Rotherham 

S60 Parkgate, Rotherham 

S60 Rotherham, Rotherham

S60 Treeton, Rotherham 

S60 Upper Whiston, Rotherham 

S60 Whiston, Rotherham 

S60 Wickersley, Rotherham 

S61 Greasbrough, Rotherham

S61 Kimberworth, Rotherham 

S61 Rotherham, Rotherham 

S61 Scholes, Rotherham

S61 Thorpe Hesley, Rotherham 

S62 Barrow Hill, Rotherham

S62 Harley, Rotherham 

S62 Higher Stubbin, Rotherham 

S62 Hoober, Rotherham 

S62 Low Stubbin, Rotherham 

S62 Nether Haugh, Rotherham 

S62 Parkgate, Rotherham

S62 Rawmarsh, Rotherham

S62 Rotherham, Rotherham 

S62 Wentworth, Rotherham 

S63 Bolton-upon-Dearne, Rotherham

S63 Brampton Bierlow, Rotherham 

S63 Goldthorpe, Rotherham 

S63 Manvers, Rotherham 

S63 Rotherham, Rotherham 

S63 Thurnscoe, Rotherham

S63 Wath-upon-Dearne, Rotherham 

S64 Adwick-upon-Dearne, Mexborough

S64 Kilnhurst, Mexborough

S64 Mexborough, Mexborough 

S64 Swinton, Mexborough 

S65 Aldwarke, Rotherham 

S65 Bramley, Rotherham 

S65 Dalton Magna, Rotherham 

S65 Dalton, Rotherham 

S65 Eastwood Trading Estate, Rotherham 

S65 Hooton Roberts, Rotherham 

S65 Ravenfield, Rotherham 

S65 Rotherham, Rotherham

S65 Thrybergh, Rotherham 

S66 Braithwell, Rotherham 

S66 Bramley, Rotherham 

S66 Brampton-en-le-Morthen, Rotherham 

S66 Clifton, Rotherham

S66 Flanderwell, Rotherham 

S66 Hellaby, Rotherham 

S66 Hooton Levitt, Rotherham 

S66 Maltby, Rotherham 

S66 Micklebring, Rotherham 

S66 Morthen, Rotherham 

S66 Roche Abbey, Rotherham 

S66 Rotherham, Rotherham

S66 Stainton, Rotherham 

S66 Sunnyside, Rotherham 

S66 Thurcroft, Rotherham 

S66 Wickersley, Rotherham 

S70 Barnsley, Barnsley 

S70 Birdwell, Barnsley 

S70 Kendray, Barnsley

S70 Kingston, Barnsley 

S70 Stairfoot, Barnsley

S70 Swaithe, Barnsley 

S70 Worsbrough Bridge, Barnsley 

S70 Worsbrough Common, Barnsley 

S70 Worsbrough Dale, Barnsley

S70 Worsbrough, Barnsley 

S71 Ardsley, Barnsley

S71 Barnsley, Barnsley

S71 Carlton, Barnsley 

S71 Low Laithes, Barnsley 

S71 Lundwood, Barnsley

S71 Monk Bretton, Barnsley 

S71 New Lodge, Barnsley 

S71 Royston, Barnsley 

S71 Smithies, Barnsley 

S71 Stairfoot, Barnsley 

S72 Barnsley, Barnsley

S72 Billingley, Barnsley

S72 Brierley, Barnsley 

S72 Cudworth, Barnsley

S72 Great Houghton, Barnsley

S72 Grimethorpe, Barnsley

S72 Little Houghton, Barnsley

S72 Shafton, Barnsley 

S72 South Hiendley, Barnsley 

S73 Barnsley, Barnsley 

S73 Brampton, Barnsley 

S73 Darfield, Barnsley 

S73 Hemingfield, Barnsley

S73 Low Valley, Barnsley

S73 Wombwell, Barnsley

S74 Barnsley, Barnsley

S74 Blacker Hill, Barnsley 

S74 Elsecar, Barnsley 

S74 Hoyland, Barnsley

S74 Jump, Barnsley 

S75 Barnsley, Barnsley 

S75 Barugh Green, Barnsley 

S75 Cawthorne, Barnsley 

S75 Darton, Barnsley 

S75 Dodworth, Barnsley 

S75 Gawber, Barnsley 

S75 Haigh, Barnsley

S75 High Hoyland, Barnsley

S75 Higham, Barnsley

S75 Hood Green, Barnsley 

S75 Lower Pilley, Barnsley 

S75 Mapplewell, Barnsley 

S75 Silkstone Common, Barnsley

S75 Silkstone, Barnsley 

S75 Stainborough, Barnsley 

S75 Staincross, Barnsley 

S75 Tankersley, Barnsley 

S75 Woolley Grange, Barnsley 

S75 Worsbrough, Barnsley 

DN1 Doncaster, Doncaster 

DN2 Intake, Doncaster 

DN2 Doncaster. Doncaster 

DN2 Long Sandall, Doncaster

DN3 Branton, Doncaster

DN3 Cantley, Doncaster

DN3 Nether Cantley, Doncaster

DN3 Doncaster, Doncaster

DN3 Armthorpe, Doncaster 

DN3 Barnby Dun, Doncaster

DN3 Kirk Sandall Industrial Estate, Doncaster

DN3 Kirk Sandall, Doncaster

DN3 Edenthorpe, Doncaster

DN4 Cantley, Doncaster 

DN4 Doncaster, Doncaster

DN4 Balby, Doncaster 

DN4 Levitt Hagg, Doncaster 

DN4 Bessacarr, Doncaster 

DN4 Warmsworth, Doncaster

DN4 Hyde Park, Doncaster

DN5 Sprotbrough, Doncaster

DN5 High Melton, Doncaster  

DN5 Newton, Doncaster 

DN5 Brodsworth, Doncaster 

DN5 Melton Brand, Doncaster 

DN5 Harlington, Doncaster 

DN5 Cusworth, Doncaster

DN5 Barnburgh, Doncaster

DN5 Scawsby, Doncaster

DN5 Bentley, Doncaster 

DN5 Doncaster, Doncaster 

DN5 Marr, Doncaster

DN5 Scawthorpe, Doncaster 

DN5 Arksey, Doncaster 

DN5 Hickleton, Doncaster

DN5 Almholme, Doncaster 

DN5 Toll Bar, Doncaster 

DN5 Pickburn, Doncaster

DN5 Hooton Pagnell, Doncaster 

DN5 Clayton, Doncaster

DN5 Frickley, Doncaster

DN5 Holme, Doncaster 

DN5 Little Owston, Doncaster 

DN5 Cadeby, Doncaster

DN6 Highfields, Doncaster 

DN6 Woodlands, Doncaster 

DN6 Adwick-le-Street, Doncaster

DN6 Old Skellow, Doncaster 

DN6 Thorpe in Balne, Doncaster 

DN6 Skellow, Doncaster 

DN6 Hampole, Doncaster 

DN6 Moorhouse, Doncaster

DN6 Burghwallis, Doncaster 

DN6 Sutton, Doncaster 

DN6 Doncaster, Doncaster 

DN6 Owston, Doncaster 

DN6 Skelbrooke, Doncaster 

DN6 Campsall, Doncaster 

DN6 Norton, Doncaster 

DN6 Trumfleet, Doncaster

DN6 Moss, Doncaster

DN6 Womersley, Doncaster

DN6 Fenwick, Doncaster 

DN6 Askern, Doncaster 

DN6 Walden Stubbs, Doncaster

DN6 Carcroft, Doncaster

DN7 Lindholme, Doncaster 

DN7 Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster

DN7 Doncaster, Doncaster 

DN7 Dunsville, Doncaster 

DN7 Hatfield, Doncaster 

DN8 Sandtoft, Doncaster

DN7 Dunscroft, Doncaster 

DN7 South Bramwith, Doncaster 

DN7 Kirk Bramwith, Doncaster 

DN7 Stainforth, Doncaster 

DN7 Braithwaite, Doncaster

DN7 Bramwith Woodhouse, Doncaster 

DN7 Fishlake, Doncaster 

DN7 Kirkhouse Green, Doncaster 

DN7 Fosterhouses, Doncaster 

DN8 Medge Hall, Doncaster

DN8 Capitol Park, Doncaster 

DN8 Moorends, Doncaster 

DN8 Thorne, Doncaster

DN9 Belton, Doncaster 

DN9 Graizelound, Doncaster

DN9 Eastlound, Doncaster

DN9 Haxey Carr, Doncaster 

DN9 High Burnham, Doncaster

DN9 Wroot, Doncaster 

DN9 Low Burnham, Doncaster

DN9 Kelfield, Doncaster 

DN9 Epworth, Doncaster 

DN9 Haxey, Doncaster 

DN9 Owston Ferry, Doncaster

DN9 Churchtown, Doncaster

DN9 Temple Belwood, Doncaster 

DN9 Beltoft, Doncaster 

DN9 Westwoodside    , Doncaster 

DN9 Blaxton, Doncaster 

DN9 Auckley, Doncaster

DN9 Gunthorpe, Doncaster 

DN9 Finningley, Doncaster 

DN9 Doncaster Finningley Airport, Doncaster 

DN9 Haxey Junction, Doncaster 

DN10 Heckdyke, Doncaster 

DN10 Misterton, Doncaster 

DN10 Bawtry, Doncaster

DN10 Misson, Doncaster 

DN10 Scrooby, Doncaster 

DN10 Misson Springs, Doncaster 

DN10 West Stockwith, Doncaster 

DN10 Newington, Doncaster 

DN10 Austerfield, Doncaster

DN10 Walkeringham, Doncaster

DN10 Everton, Doncaster

DN10 Harwell, Doncaster 

DN10 Beckingham, Doncaster 

DN10 Drakeholes, Doncaster 

DN10 Scaftworth, Doncaster

DN10 Scrooby Top, Doncaster

DN10 Serlby, Doncaster

DN10 Mattersey, Doncaster

DN10 Gringley-on-the-Hill, Doncaster 

DN10 Wiseton, Doncaster

DN10 Mattersey Thorpe, Doncaster    

DN11 Doncaster, Doncaster 

DN11 Styrrup, Doncaster 

DN11 Tickhill, Doncaster

DN11 Bircotes, Doncaster 

DN11 Tickhill Spital, Doncaster 

DN11 Harworth, Doncaster 

DN11 Rossington, Doncaster 

DN11 Hesley, Doncaster 

DN11 Wadworth Bar, Doncaster 

DN11 Wilsic, Doncaster 

DN11 Stancil, Doncaster 

DN11 Wellingley, Doncaster 

DN11 Wadworth, Doncaster 

DN11 New Rossington, Doncaster 

DN11 Loversall    , Doncaster 

DN11 Alverley, Doncaster

DN12 Old Edlington, Doncaster 

DN12 Edlington, Doncaster 

DN12 Conisbrough, Doncaster  

DN12 Denaby Main, Doncaster 

DN12 Denaby Main Industrial Estate, Doncaster 

DN12 Old Denaby, Doncaster 

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