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Reconditioned Stairlifts V’s New Stairlifts

Having a stairlift installed can often be the difference between continuing to live at home independently or living in a specialist single story accommodation. For most the difficult choice is which option to pursue, now or reconditioned stairlifts?

There is a wide range of new stairlifts available, but it may be surprising for some that many UK suppliers sell reconditioned stairlifts including ourselves and this option can be considerably cheaper.

Stairlift Costs

In most cases, refurbished stairlifts are fitted with a new stair rail and will have many of the features of new models. Remote attendant control, a comfortably padded seat and backrest, safety sensors and directional paddle switches can all be included with a second hand stairlift. People that have a limited income may find that this option suits them best as reconditioned stairlifts are generally half the cost of new stairlifts.

When getting a reconditioned stairlift it is always worth checking with the supplier that their reconditioned stairlifts come with a one-year warranty to cover any mechanical problems.

Any stairlift installation, reconditioned or new, rails will need to be customised for each installation. Bear in mind that if a curved stair rail is necessary, the resale value of the lift will be negligible, even though the cost of manufacture is higher. Very few properties have identical dimensions, and curved stair rails are invariably custom made for individual homes.

It is always worth speaking to a professional such as ourselves here at Trent Stairlifts to ensure you are getting exactly what you need out of your stairlift. For example, some stairlifts come with a specially designed perch seat for those that can’t bend their legs fully when sitting down, some have a higher maximum weight capacity. By speaking to a professional not only will you get exactly what you need out of your stairlift, but you will avoid paying extra for features you don’t need.

Tip: Professionals in the stairlift industry will always advise against buying a reconditioned stairlift older than 36 months to ensure that wear and tear have not affected the overall performance.

If you would like more information on new or reconditioned stairlifts then contact our team at Trent Stairlifts today and we will be happy to help – 0115 8087 383