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How To Look After Your Stairlift

Just like any other piece of equipment, you need to make sure you take care of your stairlift to keep it in good condition. Neglected stairlifts are more prone to wear and tear, as well as ageing faster than stairlifts that are properly cared for. Below our team at Trent Stairlifts have put together this guide on how to properly look after your stairlift.

Stairlifts, like any other part of the home, need regular cleaning. The tracks may have to be cleaned by a more able-bodied family member. The seat, however, can be cleaned using standard household cleaning methods. The stairlifts that we offer are incredibly robust & versatile. It doesn’t hurt to look after them though!

Any indoor stairlifts can be dusted once a week to stop dust and dirt from building up. You can also use a damp cloth to clean dust that has collected on the seat. When cleaning, the stairlift should always be at the bottom of the stairs. This will prevent any trips or falls at the top of the stairs.

Don’t Use Cleaning Solvents

cleaning solvents must not be used on the chair or rail. Anything that’s designed for the kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere is not suitable for a stairlift. The abrasive cleaners from these cleaning solvents can seep into the electronics of the stairlift, damaging circuit boards & other components. Cleaning solvents can also damage the chair, carriage and the tracks. This can cause the track roller to lose friction whilst it’s working which can cause slips, skids & falls.

Stairlift Track Lubricating

Lubricating a stairlift track is good practice for any stairlift, it ensures things are running smoothly, literally! This isn’t something that people with joint pain should be taking on as tracks can be quite fiddly. If you suffer from finger joint pain, then someone else may have to lubricate your stairlift tracks for you. It is important to turn off your stairlift before you start lubricating the stairlift for safety reasons. Try to lubricate the stairlift track every few months, with a thorough clean followed by a small amount of lubricant.

Dust and other debris can accumulate on the track; therefore, it is essential to clean. Most lubricants are tacky so they can clog up and bind dirt together if applied on an uncleaned track. It’s important to apply too much lubricant to the slide as this will also clog up the track. This can also cause the stairlift roller to slide uncontrollably rather than grip & roll. You should also be careful to avoid lubricating the chain as some oils contain distillates & other chemicals which can degrade rubber to the point the chain will crumble and snap.

Lubricant sprays such as WD40 or 3in1 are not recommended for use on your stairlift as they contain petroleum, which over time will eat away at the rubber components within the stairlift. The best lubricants to use on your stairlift are those with a silicone base, this will actually help the rubber components and seals within the system. Silicone lubricant doesn’t contain any harmful distillates. A small amount of spray on the track every few months will be enough to keep your stairlift well lubricated.

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