What Are Standing Stairlifts?


A seated stairlift might not always be a suitable solution, for some a standing stairlift is more suitable to aid their mobility needs.

People suffering with hip or knee problems and stiffness and immobility of joints and may find it difficult to get in and out of a chair, in this case a standing stairlift is the perfect solution. Standing stair lift models include a “perched seat” design that provides support for the user’s back while they stand and make their way up or down the stairs. This relieves tension on the hips and knees as well so that the ride is a comfortable one. Making the journey upstairs swift and simple whilst the users back is protected and supported whist standing motionless.

A standing stairlift requires the user to stand instead of sit, this is beneficial and safer for some. Standing stairlifts are also a great option for those who’s staircase may be too narrow to have a seated stairlift installed. Each stairlift will be measured and adapted to fit the user’s needs.

Things To Consider

In most cases, traditional seated stair lifts are the best solution. To determine if a standing stair lift will meet your daily needs or if you should opt for a seated stair lift, read these considerations.

  • Standing stairlifts require more balance – With a standing stair lift, balance and endurance is needed on the part of the user. So, an individual with balance issues may feel more comfortable in a seated stair lift. However, there are safety features in place that make the ride on a standing stair lift a secure one. For example, in some models, a special safety device called an immobilizer switch ensures that the lift does not move until the safety belt is fastened.
  • Standing stairlifts are only available custom made or curved – This is an important consideration, they can only be attached to curved rails as it is a safety consideration. While the seat on a traditional straight rail stair lift pivots at the top to allow for a safe dismount, this same manoeuvre would be unsafe to attempt in a standing position. Instead, we use the flexibility of the custom, curved rail design to do a “top over-run” at the top landing, allowing the standing stair lift user to simply step straight out onto level ground.

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