5 Benefits of Installing a Stairlift

A Stairlift is perfect for when you have reduced mobility. This can be because of ageing, medical conditions or an accident. No matter the cause of your limited mobility, the biggest challenge posed is climbing up and down the stairs.

This is where a stairlift can come in useful. Over recent years, they have become a preferred option for the elderly and other people with reduced mobility. This is because of their vast range of benefits which include;

  1. Increased Freedom

With a stairlift, you don’t have to worry about going up or down the stairs. In fact, you can go up and down the stairs multiple times without worrying about the pain, energy and time it will take. With a stairlift, you have the freedom to move around your home without any restrictions or challenges.

  1. Using a Stairlift is safe

A lot of thought has gone into making a stairlift the safest and most reliable means of mechanical transport up and down your stairs. The safety features that come with a stairlift include a safety buckle which is included on the chair. The system also has a range of other safety features that prevent operation if there is any obstruction on the path of the stairlift or if you have not placed the armrest and footrest in the right position. Most stairlifts also come with a lock switch that stops the chair from being used by other people particularly children.

  1. Stairlifts are comfortable

There are features built into the system to make sure you’re comfortable every time you use the chair. Different aspects of the chair are adjustable to make it more easily accessible and also to accommodate your height. The chair also has padded armrests and seat to maximise comfort.

  1. Full access to the staircase

Installing a stairlift doesn’t mean the staircase are not accessible by other people. If you choose the right stairlift depending on the staircase you have, access to the stairs will not be blocked. Most stairlifts have foldable chairs and footrests that can be folded away when the chair is at the top or bottom of the staircase to retain full access to the stairs for other people in the house.

  1. A Stairlift is easy to use

Stairlifts are not complicated to operate. The system is controlled via a toggle switch located on the armrest. If the chair will be used by more than one person, you can choose to have one that has a remote-control switch that allows you to call the chair from the top or bottom of the stairs. To make sure you never run out of charge in the middle of the stairs, stairlifts charge when they are in the park position. This way, even if there is a power cut, you will not lose mobility around the house because the system has a power back-up.

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